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House Robbery

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Feature Showcase: House Robbery


You will now be able to break into an owned house once every 24 hours unsupervised by administrators. This process can be done individually or even in a group (5-7 players) and all what you need is a lockpick


This system exists alongside the /breakin system that requires an administrator and allows players to obtain items that are held within a property. However, the difference is that this feature does not require administrative supervision and does not provide players with items but instead boxes that are able to be sold for monetary gain.



A standard lock will be provided for each house, which can be viewed via the /pinfo or even /pmanager. Another type can be purchased from a Hardware Store and can be installed next to or inside the owned house. This lock will protect the house from future burglars.




The whole process can be done individually or with a number of participants. It requires a leader who holds the required item in the inventory, and those next to him will automatically be included in the breaking process. This means that the process is streamlined regardless of whether you are an individual criminal or a career criminal participating in a home heist with accomplices.


The well-known pick locking minigame mechanic will be available when a house robbery is attempted. Once you are near an owned property, with the required item in your inventory you can press X->Rob a property or /robhouse. The level of a break-in will depend on the level of the lock property. The higher it is the harder the game will be to gain entry into the property.


Once the game is successfully completed, the property will be opened and in a few minutes the alarm will start going off. During this time, the house can be entered. In order to continue the process, a required roleplay of a minimum of 2 different lines must be present. These lines cannot be more than 50% similar. 




After the roleplay is done, a timer will start, the player will have to move around the house in order to receive a randomly-generated item. These items can be sold to players or at NPC locations using /fencegoods.


When the property is left, after 10 minutes has passed, an Information Marker will be automatically created at the door to inform players of the robbery that had taken place.


You can sell goods to players, pawnshops, or at NPC locations using /fencegoods. The NPC location will pay you 60-70% of the items' value.

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As of next server restart: The script has been tweaked to generate more meaningful and random goods that can be sold to other players/pawnshops, or fenced off at NPC points for 60-70% of the price. You will no longer receive or interact with furniture boxes.


The script will now require you to be carrying a bag item (bought from a 24/7) of some sort before being able to /robhouse, which is where you'd realistically put the items you steal.






Here's an example of what you might find in a break-in:




The number of items you receive is dynamic and depends on various factors, but generally speaking, better houses will have more items. Items are broken down into categories/rarities in the backend, and each category has a certain probability of appearing. 


If you choose to sell the goods off at one of the NPC locations instead of selling them to a player/pawnshop, you can use /fencegoods and it will locate a selling point on your map. Once there, you will be informed of how much money you will receive in exchange for your items. Only break-in generated items can be sold at these locations, and once an item is generated, the price the NPC dealer is willing to pay will never change.






Special thanks to @Rain for coming up with over 350 unique items for this project, ensuring the items you receive from break-ins will almost always be different and unique.

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