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Increase Day and Night cycle.

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Detailed Description:

As the title suggests, I propose modifying the day and night cycle such that the days and nights alternate every 4~6 hours(( the day n' night time cycle can vary)) , rather than one to one like in real life.
The server itself has a large number of players from NA, EU and Other. Some individuals can only play during the day, thus they only see daylight when online, unless they are cave dwellers who has a messed up sleep schedule.
People that log in at later hours have the same problem; they only see the server at night unless they stay up late.


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How will it benefit the server?
I believe that the server will profit from this since it is unfair for individuals who want to start a nightclub but can't because of their time zone, or for someone who wants to go to the beach and enjoy some sun but can't because of their time zone. Perhaps someone who wants to start a bakery in the morning but is unable to do so due to their time zone.
This would aid both legal and illegal role-players; for example, some people may believe they can't break in because it's daytime, or break into a car, or commit a hit because it's daytime.
Normally, you'd expect more crime to occur at night, with the daytime being more passive.

With this change, more people may be able to participate in more roleplaying without having to worry about their time zone interfering.
More businesses are opening at different times, with some only making sense during the day and others only at night.
This, I believe, would make the server feel more alive.

Please keep the discussions calm n' collective, no need to argue on this thread with each other.
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idk, it's good as is, most ppl hop on during peak and that's when all the clubs open so the filthy club owners can maximize their profits of 1k upon entry & $600 at the door.............
i'd say give it a test run, see how it pans out

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Make it turn night at 10-11 PM. The one or two hours before that are sunset. Sunrise can be at like 3-4 AM. Just shorten the night instead of mixing and mashing and playing with the timezones.


I've seen it recommended that we swap the timezone every week/month/whatever else. Problem is: making it so that we go through an entire day in only four hours would achieve a solely confusing effect, where the time/sunlight only becomes a matter of guesswork, which would be no fun.

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I kinda like it. By letting it be dawn at 3 am, some players outside of Europe gets to enjoy daylight rp that otherwise only see night. Our evening remain unchanged  and most Europeans (I know, not all) are asleep so it won't affect us. 3 am ig is 11pm in NY. Assuming our American players want this. 

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