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How To Moonshine Like Popcorn Sutton


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So you're here to learn how to moonshine, eh?


First things first, let's talk money.


Moonshining Preparation


To get set up, you need to buy the following from the tool store:


Iron Pot - $750 (750g)

Mixing Bucket - $500 (500g)

Blue Barrel - $1250 (1000g)

Propane Tank - $450 (2000g)

Burner - $400 (250g)


This means that you need at least $3350 and 4500 grams of space just to buy the tools and items to moonshine.




Next, you need to buy your cookin' materials. You can find all of these for sale at the farmers market.


For 1 batch of moonshine, which produces 10 bottles of moonshine, you will need the following:


8 Waterbottles - (3$) (300g)

20 Corn/Wheat/Rye - ($5) (100g)

6 Sugar - ($5) (100g)

4 Yeast - (1$) (7g)


These are the total items that you need to buy per batch. Of course, you can buy in bulk, but make sure you have enough space!


One batch costs approximately $158 and 5028 grams of space.


The Process

Once you've acquired the needed items, you can start brewing!


To begin, have the iron pot, mixing bucket, blue barrel, propane tank, and burner in your inventory. Next, type /brew and place down your items close to each other. This can be done both indoors and outdoors.


Next, have the following on hand:


8 Waterbottles

20 Corn/Wheat/Rye

6 Sugar

4 Yeast


Once your tools have been placed on the ground, press Y and select mixing bucket.

Press the "Check ingredients" option, and press the enter key on each option to place your ingredients inside.

Next, back out of the "Check ingredients" option, and press "Start process".


The mixing bucket will take approximately 1 minute. Once it is complete, you will get a notification in your chat menu that you can collect.


Once collected, you will now have 66 Corn/Rye/Wheat mash.


Move on to the iron pot, and place your mash in with the same method. Begin the process the same way too.

The iron pot will take 2 minutes to produce 8 Corn/Rye/Wheat wash.


Finally, place the wash and 4 yeast into the blue barrel and begin the process.

This will also take 2 minutes to complete.


Once done, the blue barrel will produce 10 bottles of whatever kind of moonshine you made!


Congratulations, you're now a moonshiner!


You can now drink your moonshine, sell it to other players, or sell it to a liquor store.

Liquor stores can be located through /brew, and the going price is $120 per bottle of moonshine. That means per batch, you are making $1200.


Moonshining Tips and Tricks


Make sure you have a vehicle with large inventory to carry materials. The biggest problem for moonshiners isn't cash, but weight of the materials.


Placing your moonshine setup near the farmers markets is the most ideal, but of course that means you will be outside and in possible danger from robbers/the cops. Choose your location wisely.


The initial time to get your first batch is 5 minutes, from mixing bucket to iron pot to blue barrel. However, once you have begun the process, you can preload materials and once the first batch is done, you will be getting a new batch every two minutes at optimal workload.


Preload, preload, preloadThis is the secret to making moonshine fast.


Feel free to make comments, ask questions, or point out inaccuracies!

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