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Make Drug Screen Effects Stay Permanently Until Turned Off

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Honestly, make it all toggleable. If my character drinks, I want them to be drunk for a while, noticeably. I'll RP swerving while driving but that's not going to result in anything, and it's hardly immersive. And it's just more fun if an effect lasts long or can be toggled. Alcohol wears off ridiculously fast and a small screen effect and erratic driving interaction would be nice.

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Yes please. I love the visual effects. They go too fast. At least make it last longer, like two hours. Maybe allow people to turn it off for accessibility if they become seasick 😛

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On 6/17/2022 at 7:40 AM, Xaleya said:

+1, drugs needs consequences

I agree with this 100% as controversial of a topic that may be. If a player genuinely wants to take drugs for anything other than a "health boost", they would be more than willing to face the consequences of doing such drugs. 

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Drug effects are being overhauled in an upcoming update - this is on the list of what would be changed but it is unlikely they will stay permanent, longer durations however? Absolutely.

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