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Allow minor characters for all types of RP (not only gangs)

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Allowing more under 16 minor chars is an issue for both portrayal reasons, but also physical game limitations.

A 16 year old could pass as an adult. A 12 year old could not. Yet, there's no difference in the model size, nor the (M) tag to show that they are *literally not even a teenager*. 

I don't /ex everyone I come across, admittedly, and it would be very difficult to miss a 12 year old being 12 irl, yet it is not difficult here. 

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3 hours ago, DLimit said:

Minors are permitted if they are 16+, I believe.

I do support this, however, as it was only a very, very small minority that were abusing (M) for disgusting purposes.


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Nah, fuck that.


Anything under 16 is cringe as fuck already, gangs included. I'm very much aware that gangs have of 12-17 year olds, but they don't all run around with grown-ass adult character models in real life.

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This again. Remove under 18 entirely. Just RP being in a gang right away. It's a game limitation unless we can get a teenage character model. And the attraction of people wanting to play a minor is just weird, this is an 18+ game and it should be treated as such. GTA SP doesn't have gang kids running around either.


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to avoid (M) like the plague because the interactions with them can be summarized by: "Hey shawty/nigga, wanna buy sum to smoke?" followed by some slurs when it's inevitably rejected or ignored ICly. I mentioned it in another topic before: it's not metagaming currently to assume kids are gang affiliated or members, there's no other kids and although I think the city should be RP'd as being lively, the anonymous blob that exists in one's mind cannot ignore the fact that kids in LS are nothing less than obnoxious and a permanent nuisance that should undergo much more scrutiny.


So, in essence. No, because people can't RP the characters properly as it is. If they are to stay, yes, because at least have them mingle in a school system (although I fear normal high schoolers will not exist and at the very least not be able to contest with the enormous group that are just minors to get roped into gang RP), be ICly scrutinized by the government for not attending school, have their parents be visited to inquire about why their kids are spotted hanging with gang members and are caught with drugs in their pockets in school, etc.


Yes I know this opinion won't be popular among a large crowd.

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It's already uncomfortable enough to interact with most minor characters at the time, I don't think I would want them to be allowed outside the gang scene now.

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I literally have 0 issues identifying (M) and using /examine to figure out if somebody is 14 or 17. Don't get the hate against (M) either. Not everybody that is (M) is a 12 year old ruthless gangbanger. Sounds like you all need to expand your crowd. To me it's fun to roleplay a coming of age story and a nice deterent from getting every dude asking for your number when you walk into a place. It's fun to go back to the years where you didn't really give a fuck about anything.


People are bad at roleplaying a lot of shit not just (M) so I don't see why this should be further restricted. I'm minding my business though.

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