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[LSFD] Large Wildfire Threatens Structure

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10th of June, 2022
LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins


BLAINE COUNTY - In the late hours of Thursday at approximately 22:00, the 9th of June, the Los Santos Fire Department responded to a reported powerline on fire, upon arrival Battalion Two confirmed that there was a powerline fire, along with a large wildfire reported in the area. A nearby vacant commercial structure was threatened. A large operation followed which spanned 5 different agencies.

Image Credits: Emilia Jenkins, LSFD PR


Units from Station Two and Seven were initially dispatched to the scene, due to the scene's complexity and that there was a commercial structure nearby, incident command called for a second alarm which dispatched units from Station One and Station Six for additional resources. Firefighters tackled a challenging environment and limited water supplies to shift operations to protect nearby structures. This involved digging a trench to stop the fire from progressing further. With thanks to Gruppe Six, they were able to provide a water tender for the Fire Department to utilize to refill our Engines as they battled the flames. At approximately 23:00 FIRE-3 helicopter was made available for Aerial Firefighting and greatly assisted with the efforts.

Image Credits: Emilia Jenkins, LSFD PR


The Los Santos Fire Department extends our thanks to the San Andreas Park Rangers, Gruppe 6, State Fire Marshals, Public Works, and the citizens of Blaine County for your patience and cooperation during this large wildfire. We are happy to report that no structures were damaged during this fire and no casualties were reported. Public Works are currently on-site and are working to restore power to parts of Sandy Shores, it's expected to be back up by 5:00 AM. Units were dismissed from the scene at 23:30 PM.


Units Dispatched: BP1, E2, E7, FIRE3, RA781, BC2, PR3


Incident Photo Album

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