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Remove health boost from drugs

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46 minutes ago, Jennie said:

Wouldn't happen if headshots were real headshots, HS = dead.

And yeah, it's funny how people are against RPG elements but they agree in keeping this, hilarious.

If you would do it like dat? You wouldn't even see the person shooting you, you'll get shot from 100meters with pistol and be dead.

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34 minutes ago, Dynamko said:

If you would do it like dat? You wouldn't even see the person shooting you, you'll get shot from 100meters with pistol and be dead.

I think GTA has a ranged damage system, however if you get shot in the head far enough away for the bullet to go through your skull you'll be dead, I've played on servers where a headshot meant death, I have no problem with it.

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keep it like it is, make a screen sway effect that prevents a jittery person on meth/person drooling on heroin/person absolutely losing it on pcp from aiming a firearm at all and you've got the drug stacking issue solved in one fell swoop;

people only stack drugs for the hp, force a script on them that makes them roleplay the disadvantages of getting dosed on a self-canceling cocktail of uppers and downers, pharmaceuticals and impure, street narcotics and make sure you cant /stopeffect it. no need to remove the hp, just dont fistfight addicts. but part of me believes that the amount of addicts will fall drastically if such a script change is implemented.

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As someone that uses drugs icly for the purpose of roleplay and not the health boost, I still wouldn't support this.


The main reason why people buy drugs on the server is for its health boosts and if you try and remove that, we'll fall back to square one where there's a surplus of drugs in the market with nobody actually wanting to buy them. To prevent drug stacking, we can:

1. Lower the HP limit down to around 130-150 instead of 200 so you physically cant stack drugs.

2. If you have a gun/weapon equipped while on drugs, force the screen effects and maybe add the filter to your screen that drugs used to give you so your vision is also a little fucked on top of the swaying.

3. Increase the rate at which your character becomes addicted to said drugs and decrease the time it takes for you to feel withdrawals (where your HP decreases).

4. Clarify in the rules that drug stacking is a punishable offense.

5. Make it so that you only actually get the health boost 5-10 minutes after usage and also decrease the amount of time you experience the health boost.

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I'd say honestly just leave it as is, but remove the stupid rule where people accuse you of drug stacking when it's the script that allows it.
I haven't really read all the pages on this thread, I'll be honest, but removing the drug HP will kind of render drugs useless.

Why do people buy meth & heroin? Because it gives you 30 hp per use. People use drugs like oxy & XTC to raise their tolerance for them to get more HP per drug use.
The system how it is right now is honestly just fine, maybe they could like change the script up a bit idk, have there be side effects to each and every drug or whatever. 

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It'd make more sense for Drug Suppliers to get a higher quantity with lesser purity and people who make the drugs through schemes to get a lower quantity of pure whatever they're making. It'd just fix the drug market without having to render drugs completely useless. Some drugs like PCP should have more traction but scriptwise it is very overpowered. This could just be mitigated by adding some sort of similarly influential withdrawal symptom, taking away more HP after a certain amount of time.

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