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[LSFD] Station Showcase: Station Three

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25th of May, 2022
LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins

Image credits: Elijah Lawson

Welcome to the second instalment of Station Showcase, the weekly series about the Fire Stations the Los Santos Fire Department operates across Los Santos, from Paleto Bay to Los Santos International. The Department's Public Relations Division will cover each station to explain the main purpose behind them, history, and cool facts. Without further ado, welcome to  Station Three located in Davis, South Los Santos, the home of the Urban Search and Rescue Division!


History & Facts
Station Three is one of the youngest Fire Stations the Department currently operates out of, it was built in 2001. The station provided a large coverage of South Los Santos with typical Fire and EMS operations, along with this it had an Urban Search and Rescue division stationed there. Station Three has been the home of USAR for the past 21 years and it has seen significant changes and improvements over the years. A station-wide modernization project was launched in 2016 to bolster USAR's current fleet. This brought the upgraded Technical Rescue and HAZMAT from MTL, the older vehicles were retired from service in 2017.

Image credits: Elijah Lawson


Shifts & Vehicles
Station Three is watched over by Battalion One under the command of Battalion Chief's Kurt Holland and Nolan Medrano, they both cover the A shift (9:00 - 21:00)  and B shift (21:00 - 09:00) respectively. Station Three currently operates a total of 10 vehicles out of the station, namely:

  • 2x Rescue Ambulances
  • 2x Utility Tenders
  • 1x Rescue Engine
  • 1x Technical Rescue Vehicle
  • 1x HAZMAT Vehicle
  • 1x Swift Water Rescue Vehicle
  • 1x K9 Vehicle
  • 1x Battalion Vehicle


Q&A with USAR Commanding Officer Lucas Morel

Who is Lucas Morel and how did he get here?
Lucas Morel is a 33-years-old firefighter of French origin, he migrated from Metz, France to Los Santos in the hopes to pursue his American dream. After gaining his citizenship through military ways, he needed a change of career while keeping a military-like discipline, which he found in the Los Santos Fire Department and specifically the US&R division, in which he joined about ten years ago and has been promoted to the Commanding Officer position of the Urban Search & Rescue division in the past years.

Any interesting facts you can tell our readers about USAR?
In its search and rescue missions, the Urban Search and Rescue has got a subdivision dedicated to Canine operations, currently hosting four handlers with their respective dogs, Ares, Ben, Runa, and Terry. Dogs are trained from their earliest age, at about two years old, while living with their handler, making them both a proud Search and Rescue Operator and a family dogs! (Note: More information can be found in the following article about K9, link)

Anything to say to prospecting Firefighters interested in USAR?
The Urban Search & Rescue division is focused on every kind of operation that requires technical skills or is located in hard-to-access areas. These operations usually require access via Rope Rescue Operations, or Confined Space Rescues, to name a few. Our specialists are provided with a technical skillset allowing the handling of high-risk rescue operations of any kind, as well as survival capabilities, a common teamwork mindset, and discipline. It offers a challenge to any firefighter that wishes to evolve in an uncommon environment while being close to their brothers and sisters from the entire Department.


Our recruitment drive is closing on the 26th of May! Are you interested in the Urban Search and Rescue Division, want to serve your local community, or become a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT? Get your applications in! You could be the next hero our city needs.

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