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[LSDailyNews] Snacks and smiles, charity food-drive raises $53,000

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Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • May 21st, 2022 - 4:55PM

Snacks and smiles, charity food-drive raises $53,000


DELBURRITO, a Mexican-themed food truck, made it's debut in LS with a food-drive for the hungry and homeless, raising $53,000 for a local homeless shelter.



The food drive and the city's residents, where a total of $53,000 dollars was raised - Courtesy of DESBURRITO



Earlier last week, the people of Los Santos County got together for three things; to enjoy Mexican food, listen to good music, and to raise an outstanding $53,000 for a local homeless shelter.


A local food truck named DESBURRITO opened its hatch earlier this week with the sole intention to provide food to the local homeless population. Carmen, the owner and current CEO of DESBURRITO, shared with us.


"I got the truck second hand from Galaxy Customs (a local vehicle dealership), and it came with a bunch of stock.", shared Carmen in a web-interview. "Stuff that I knew that we ain't gonna use because I got my own ideas for a menu. ... There's too much food here to eat anyway.


"Instead of 'cheaping out' and selling it, I thought it'd be nicer to give to away to people who needed it most."


Lucas Whyte, a friend of Carmen's and a volunteer for DESBURRITO for the day, recounts how Carmen introduced the idea.


"Carmen has been working on a business idea for some time now, and wished to celebrate the state granting her the business licence. She contacted myself, and others, speaking of the homeless, and how she wished she could do something to aid them


"She suggested we use the current stock, truck and a few smiles, to an area near downtown and offer the food as a single, free meal. Burrito, drink and a donut. The meal also came with a coupon for another free meal once the business was fully operational.


"I didn't take much convincing, the idea was thoughtful and kind."



One of the many so-called 'homeless cities' hidden within Los Santos, located in Textile City beneath the San Andreas Avenue bridge - Alan Kim, May 21st 2022


From an independent study funded by the Los Santos Mission, a charity who offers assistance in shelter and rehabilitation to the city's homeless population, 66,468 of the county's residents could have been classed as homeless in 2020, 48,041 of being without sufficient access to shelter.


A 2019 census shows how the highest concentration of the homeless population resides in Skid Row. Skid Row's population at the time sat around 4700 residents, where 2700 of which were permanently living on the streets; 55% of it's population.


According to the state census back in 2016, around 17% of Los Santos' residents are living beneath the poverty line. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defines the federal poverty line for a single person as $12,880 as of 2021. A single person earning $24,850 is classed as someone with an Extremely Low Income Level.


Carmen from DESBURRITO discussed her ideas in how she plans to assist those beneath the poverty line.


"The dinero is going to help [us] to do more in the future. We also [are] gonna eventually have cards for the homeless that they can use to get a free drink and snack from us."


"We wanna make a difference."



From inside the truck, founder and CEO Carmen with their friend 'Theo' serving food to those in need - Courtesy of Carmen


The food drive initially was slow, claimed Carmen, and those that were showing weren't homeless nor those in need.


"We were giving away free food. It instead turned into people coming by and donating for their food."


"We raised $53,000, which is loco!"


Lukas added his thoughts on the turn-out to the food drive, stating his shock and awe of how the people of Los Santos came together.


"The amount raised in a single, on the spur event was amazing, I don't think anyone that arrived to help thought we'd walk away with such a large value to give to the charity.


"It went further than most, if not every ones hopes and expectations"


The drive saw local celebrities and influencers come to support the event. Two of which were rising rap-stars from Los Santos County, William "Drillbill" Duff and his friend "Monty".


"A lot of celebs would probably think that doing that with is us beneath them, but he [is] super grounded.", Carmen said in regards to Drillbill's attendance.


Drillbill, when questioned about how Carmen introduced the idea to him, said that she was "Basically like 'hey, my company DESBURRITO doing this charity event for the homeless, and just the locals in the area' so I was like... that's a good thing she's doing.


"I actually gave her a nickname "Santa Carmen" cause she always helping people."


The plan for the money is for it to be split, with the larger share going towards assisting the local homeless population, while the smaller portion will be used to cover operational costs and to fund future drives.


"Any dinero we keep will be reinvested into DESBURRITO and used to do more free food drives.", Carmen said in regards to the portion of the cash she intends to invest in her company.


Carmen from DESBURRITO was unable to give an exact figure as to the amount. Once one is provided, an editor's note shall be issued.


The date of the next DESBURRITO charity food drive is currently unknown. According to Lukas, Carmen raised the idea of making the food-drive "a bi-weekly or weekly thing", however if this schedule is in place or not is currently unknown.


When asked, Drillbill expressed that he would attend future events if his schedule permitted.


"If my crazy schedule allows me? Yeah, of course I'll be there to show my support."


His schedule includes the release of a music video today, a performance at the Split Sides Comedy Club on West Vinewood this June, and an upcoming tour that is currently being planned.


Carmen urged people to check their Facebrowser page for future updates regarding food drives and events.



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