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OOC information:

The goal of the faction is to aim and portray a small group of paisas that operate in the city of Los Santos. We seek to take our time and focus/emphasis heavily on development. We maintain a high standard of roleplay which means upon joining research into the paisa culture has to be done. Recruitment is done through IC means but we suggest reaching out to us before making a character. The faction expect it's members to contribute to their character development in order to create a more enjoyable experience for the project and the player itself. The faction builds on heavy development in order to reach it's final form. The faction will develop into a more detailed group over time with the right development. Character development is a must. 


We expect our members to read and follow the server rules at all times in order to generate a more enjoyable environment for the faction and the server itself. As everyone knows, upon joining this faction we exercise our right to CK any character at any given time if the roleplay and or leadership deems fit.


If you wish to roleplay with our faction there are multiple routes for you to take. You can roleplay citizenship in America or you can roleplay being smuggled in. More information on how to get started with our faction can be provided

For more information you can reach out to @paisaporvida.

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