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[4SALE] Sandy Shores Residential Home

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** Craigslist ad would appear on your phone or computer stating the following: **


"One bedroom, one bath comfortable home in the middle of Sandy Shores. Appliances do need updating, however, they work perfectly fine. Exterior of the house has no issues with the paneling as well and roof was just checked 4 years ago for any leaks.


Asking for $45,000"















(( This is a NPC real estate agent, dictated by Property Management. If you're not wanting to put your character name in the bidding itself, please forum PM me it. If you're not a county roleplayer, if you're not wanting to mainly RP in the county, and if you're mostly city based for now with your roleplay - you will be denied. This trailer can ONLY be sold back to Property Management only. The roleplay will be as is: I will accept the bid, a background check to be made (checking assets and whatnot) and if 'approved' it will be said so. If not approved, the bid will be denied based on the background check not going through and the next player in line will get the chance. This is being done to try to get more properties out to the players who need them and do not need to waste a ton of money. Please state bid amount and character name only. ))

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32 minutes ago, Wald said:

$45.000 Easton Cooper



Background check failed.


(( Feel free to reach out on why this was not given to you. )) 


19 minutes ago, Taking Risk said:



Background check failed.


(( Feel free to reach out on why this was not given to you. ))

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