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Dear viewer, I have decided to put my beautiful Integrity Hotel apartment up for sale.
Attached below is an album containing detailed photos of the entire apartment itself, however if you feel like coming over to see it in person feel free to reach out to me either via email or my phone number!

*various image files would be attached to the post*

((OOC property info:))
☎️ Contact details: ☎️

Malena Petrova

Phone: #5557260
Email:  [email protected] ((forum PM or Medusa#8008))

Bidding information:


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18 hours ago, Tranoulis said:

 Too high Starting Offer. 

I'd like you to investigate a bit further the standard price of one of these apartments, then take into account what was invested into it. As you can notice in the Apartment's pictures. 

Even went lower on the price to even out the numbers. 


((Do the math; MP + FW))

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