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[LSPD] ULSA Host May '22 Community Meeting

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May '22 Community Outreach Meeting a Glowing Success

The ULSA played host on the 7th May 2022 to the monthly community meeting, co-hosted by the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department and San Andreas Park Rangers respectively this week - and the event was greeted with an overwhelming success. The hard work of the LSPD's Community Engagement Detail saw a huge turnout for the event, allowing for citizens of Los Santos to reach out to members of our official agencies and organizations to establish a more meaningful, and more human connection.

The Los Santos Police Department extends it's thank you to R. Lentz, I. Santana, D. Hazar, C. Redondo, M. Chang, M. Jin and A. Bannockburn for their hard work in pulling off such an event.

The department hopes to continue hosting community events for the benefit of the general public on a consistent basis. As of this writing, the next event is scheduled for 02/JUN/2022; and will aim to continue to be hosted on the first saturday of every month.

Keep an eye on official social channels for the latest updates regarding future officially endorsed events.

Public Communications Division
Media Relations Section


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