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Ban RPing as Hermaphrodites/Women with Penises

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Detailed Description

Ban people from playing as hermaphrodites (e.g., women with penises/both male and female reproductive organs). Alternatively, at least make it require admin approval.


Relevant Commands/Items



How will it benefit the server?

It will help with immersion. No one roleplays them correctly anyhow. They're just fetishized and mostly used for ERP. There is also way too many of them lurking around San Andreas considering they make up an extreme minority of the global population IRL.

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Once I tried going onto a friends sailboat, I ended up seeing two women with big ding dongs trucking away at some 18 year old. I now go to therapy. 

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On a serious note, should you encounter someone that is roleplaying to a seriously unrealistic degree and/or has an unrealistic character:


If it's something urgent and immediate, /report in-game or file a forum report.

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