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Back after inactivity and rp jobs

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I've been inactive for around a year. Back in 2019 I used to roleplay and have my character work for Weazel News. Still roleplaying the same character but don't have the attention span and time investment to hunt for scoops and write news articles anylonger. I'm curious if there's other jobs my character (with that experience) could potentially do on gta.world for a job. I've considered voluenteer for the LSFD, specially because my character Zofia has always had affinity and interest towards that field, even as a journalist intern. But at the moment, recruitment isn't open so I'm just trying to broaden by horizon a little further.

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/ad escort looking for work

always works

naw fr, maybe become a coroner or just check the ic jobs section on the forums. u could work for a player owned business until fd's recruitment is open again.
check /ads ingame too, there might be something for u

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Lol 😁 I know you're kidding but I'd never work as an escort, stripper or the like. Simply because I'm interested in some more elaborate jobs. 

But thanks, I'll browse those sections for a while and see what comes up!

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