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Make CK apps public

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Having CK applications public promote metagaming, this is a huge no. If people feel they were unjustly character killed, we have an appeals process for a reason.

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I think CK apps should be shared with the CKed party on request once the CK has already been carried out, but not be made public to the whole community.


That way, if the CKed party wishes to make an appeal they have access to the application, and can dispute the facts as presented.

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No, there's a reason they're not made public. Notifying people of a CK against them would only encourage metagaming as well, neither are good ideas.

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Heya, thank you for your suggestion.


There are countless reasons for why this is not a viable option whatsoever however I'll cover the two main ones.

  • Metagame - no one will be metagame free, it does not matter how good of a roleplayer you are, if you know someone is out to swipe your character and put you 6 feet under, things happen subconsciously as a result of that knowledge. Even if that is as simple as double-taking what would usually be a simple thought, you also have individuals around you that will sway one way or another depending on affiliations or their personal opinions. This is not just limited to the kill itself but how individuals got the information they did, was there informants? Bugs? How did they get bugs? Is it coordinated? Who is involved? All of this information would be public. This is not just limited to metagame from the individual at hand, but also any individual who reads it. 
  • Confidentiality - character kill applications are confidential, currently, in order to protect that confidentiality, ONLY members within Faction Management view the request, and it is sent to myself, slothy and Igloo first. If we know the character listed is in a faction belonging to someone in Faction Management, or someone in Faction Management, we forward it for PRIVATE review. This information is protected even within the staff team to ensure that the course of roleplay is kept as in-character as possible.

This is not something I will ever consider changing as it will simply be a poor judgment call considering the facts above, and more. 

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