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Subway System Being Added

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11 hours ago, eTaylor said:

The “subway passenger train” isn’t a subway passenger train in-game. Not unless you mod a new one in. The “subway” were referencing is really a LRT line, with LRT trains. If you put the LRT train on the freight line it’ll look weird, out of place and probably isn’t possible to begin with. Instead it’d make more sense to have a LRT and passenger line on the freight line as separate trains. Like how GTA SA had Brown Streak.  

That was unnecessarily pedantic of you. Subway / Light Rail that goes under ground, you knew what I meant. We're on the same page and in agreement. I'll rephrase. 

If there is a way, ANYWAY to get a passenger train of SOME description, be it mods or the current one that's native to GTA 5, on both the track in the city and the one that goes out to Paleto then I think that would be awesome 

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I remember back in RCRP they added an npc train that travels across the entire map. I believe no one used it after a week or two


But since GTAw has a bigger playerbase, I think it could be useful maybe for minor players, ULSA students or even normal players. 

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