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Staff Update - May 2022

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the May 2022 Staff Update, can you feel the heat coming from the summer? I sure can!

We hope everyone that has College/University exams the best of luck, as we all know none of us want to do them, but it brings us a step forward to having our summer breaks!

Throughout April we have had some amazing updates from our Development Team that have given some quality of life updates to the community that were much needed. The size of the game development team recently doubled (welcome to @Rothschild, @valelele who are our most active new developers directly coming from GTAW!), frontend game developers were also recruited and the internal structure was revamped to promote more activity.


Hundreds of bugs have been fixed and major updates that will forever change the server are coming! For one, custom firearms (including the Hunting Rifle) are now back in-game and fully working. Players have been waiting for that and we were able to deliver for the upcoming breaks. We also saw over one hundred (100) objects that were added to the server by @BadassBaboon & @Tiddy; and we are extremely appreciative of all the dedicated work that they have done throughout the past few months. Phone Group chats are also back in-game, along with our new custom UI system and pre-defined commands within our chat bar that gives an immense quality of life update to both Staff & Players, so they can easily find commands. On the last of Development, we also saw the introduction of "/vehattributes" which gives players the ability to describe their vehicles. You can use "/vexamine" to check out what another player might have on their vehicles!


A new inventory system will also be released in the next days thanks to our new frontend developers & @St3fan[NL], to make your daily usage of your items way easier! You can check our sneak peak video here



While this update focuses a lot on Development, we also still want to give a post of appreciation to all of our Staff who continue to put an immense amount of work into the community. Staff Members continue to prove to Management & Staff Management monthly that they truly care for the community especially keeping up with the workload that comes with the positions they are in. Thank you all!


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions
Senior Administrator to Lead Administrator
@honey. (Assistant Head of Faction Management - Illegal)


Game Administrator Level 2 to Senior Administrator
@Exodus (Senior Roleplay Quality Management)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2






Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1




Senior Support to Trial Administrator



Support to Senior Support


New Support Members:

@guero bracero





We thank all those who have applied to support, but only those who are accepted or placed on the reserved list will be contacted in the coming days. You can check the status of your application on the UCP and in the event you were denied you may request a denial reason there. Please note, in the event that you were denied you must wait two months prior to re-applying from this Staff Update on, unless otherwise stated in your denial reason.

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