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[LSCDA] Two Mexican Mafia Members Indicted

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Username: ThatOneGuy

Comment: That's a great news, maybe some people will say It's only two murderers from hundreds of them but I believe It's still progress. If we as a community will stand together and support each other we with teamwork effort will achive alot. It's not just law enforcement agencies who keep us safe. But Its also all of us, the people who lives in this country.


Thank you Sheriff's Department and District Attorney Office for keeping us safe.

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Username: ThatOneGuy
Comment: @ClineMustResign Yes LSSD is very corrupt but I like to believe there are some good people too.

We people of San Andreas are the ones who will bring them to the justice. I suggest everyone to record or live stream every interactions with LSSD because more we will have evidences against them, more we will have power to remove them from they positions. We all will defeat these white supremacists, Its just matter of time.

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