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Infiltration of Corruption and Deviance

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The American mob in modern days: Are they still powerful? "Convicting the hierarchies of the five families several times over has not eradicated the problem." - Head of the bureau's New York office, Gregory Hodges.

With jury who cannot put guilt on mobsters, tens of thousands worth tailor suits and rich lifestyle, the American mob is still in the frame. Phil Goldstein, a senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Compell, agrees: "They are nothing like the times back at the 80's-90's, their competence decreased, everyone is aware of wires or any high technology gadget. The mafia is smarter by all means, they even make modern tweaks to represent a white front."

Many broken pieces of powerful Italian American gangs are trying to regroup and strengthen the organization. After many years of vicious and reckless vendettas, the horrid pollution of blood in the breeze of Los Santos has come to an end.

Old mob chieftains ended up in prison, life sentence trails waited for them as if they were a contract from Satan, but it only looked bleak to the public. Many bigwigs of the old school mob have went low profile underground, aiming to survive the bloodshed.

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