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Cops and Robbers

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Recently I've noticed that LEO RPers have been given a blanket excuse to stop any vehicle for not stopping at each and every intersection in the game. While I'm not gonna complain about that, but what's up with LEO's not stopping and following basic traffic laws? I refuse to believe that every cop has the required corruption perms to run every light and stop sign in game. They also only acknowledge this law when it comes time to stop an illegal RPer. I believe at this point it's becoming a portrayal issue.


Another issue in itself is when cops ALPR snipe you; yes you heard me and you've probably seen it. Cops will come straight at you and then turn off a few seconds before impact to grab your plate information. It's also apparent when a cop stops in the middle of a road and just waits for you to pass them for them to give you some excuse as to why you're being stopped. These things all become impactful when it's every cop in the city doing it. As I write this I've witnessed a handful of cops doing it.



Anyone think this is crazy too?

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Its common sense to stop at every intersection, if not because of traffic laws then to check if theres no madman speeding from the side. 

Any vehicle has to stop at intersections unless using emergency siren and lights. I been saying this for years, but seems people only rp what they wanna rp.


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