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[4SALE] 5 Paleto Boulevard + Garage

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Property information:

A small house located in the heart of Paleto Bay with a personal garage located behind the property. The property's land includes a small back yard and front yard. The property was built in the late 1970s and has been renovated three times since.


Find all desired pictures of the property below. Feel free to check out the property in person as it has open doors for anyone interested.


((Note: I don't really care who this goes to, buyout announcer gets it and so they will. I don't care one single bit if you are a county RPer or a city one, let it even be I don't know you at all, the buyout offer gets it. I don't wanna know your character backstory, and not even a reason why you want this house, I don't want to go into details with anything. 6 months have already passed, can be sold for any price.))


Caution: The buyout offer will be sold the house, with no time limit to the offered buyout.



Buyout: $3,000,000


Exterior Pictures:







Interior Pictures: 







Garage Picture: 







((Property Information)): 







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26 minutes ago, Cartoonhead said:

$10.99 and a snickers bar.


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All denied, bigger offers above.


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