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2327 Jamestown Street w 2 garages

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Up for sale is my project house, 2327 Jamestown Street, is still under internal construction ((Platinum expired and I dont have the time to furnish anymore it's fully walled in with floor, just needs the roof and any internal furniture you want))


Buyout: 237,400





  • ID: 230
  • Market Price: $75,000
  • Furniture Worth: $12,400
  • Cashbox: $0
  • Rent: Unrentable: $300
  • Interior #: 200
  • Visible for tenants: No
  • Purchase Date: 19-Mar-2022 20:18:37


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On 4/20/2022 at 8:18 PM, Cocaine Capital said:

Pending sale currently ((cant sell for above the buyout per the rules so sorry for those offering above))

I will buy it for any price you can sell it for.

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