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WANTED: Players you RP'd with, but never got to stay in contact with OOC

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So, I recently had this memory bubble up, where I thought about the first character I ever RP'd with on LSRP. Then I noticed I never actually got to stay in contact with that person OOC even though I've seen that character a BUNCH of times...


So this is the thread for that. Whether you crashed and the player logged, the server crashed and one of you decided to stay offline or you just didn't think of it... Give us a character name of a person you wished you would've got to talk to OOC but never did.


I'll start, same person I talked about, Kate Blackwood. Literally the first character I ever RP'd with on LSRP back in 2014.

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The person I first roleplayed on LSRP in my very first faction in 2008 is here as well ; @Sal


The first person I roleplayed on GTAW was a character named Junoz Midsomer back in 2018 I guess when I was considering of getting back into RP but didn't and ended up leaving.

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@TpRoll was one of the cornerstones of the illegal community on the server. He taught me the ropes and made me into the man I am today. I'd give anything to hear his wise words again.

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