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How do you maintain to stay motviated to roleplay?

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If I wanna talk from a personal experience, I believe people get burnt out because that's simply how life is, you just grow up and begin to have bigger responsibilities on your shoulder and other priorities to take care of so you simply just forget about the game but you'd still be coming back every now and then because well, who doesn't wanna have fun playing videogames when there is the time for it? Long story short, you will always find the most active members within the community those who are the youngest in age.

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Either being around a group you enjoy rping with, being involved or come up with skits or schemes or take a break from gta world for a bit until you think its right for you to come back.

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I find a lot of success in playing multiple games semi-regularly (as time permits), along with a multitude of offline hobbies.


In regards to IG, as other mentioned, finding a group you play regularly with is important if you want to stay interested in your characters. My own experience is that I create a character I find interesting, then I join whatever job or faction I find interesting for that character, and then I try to befriend people from that job or faction.. It's a lot easier to get more friends once you have some, as they might know people or others want to suddenly join your group because it seems like you have fun.


I wish you all the luck with finding your motivation, and remember that it's just a game at the end of the day. There's no obligations.

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