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Request to expand interior for furnishing

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Unsure if this belongs here - sorry if not


So I applied for a property in the new area of Davis, Charleston Street. I fully understand these units aren't luxurious and large and I wanted something cheap and small to cramp my character in. I got the blank interior and started furnishing inside the building to the limits but I'm struggling for any space whatsoever, to the point I can't even find room for a bathroom.


I believe the issue is the amount of units shoved into 1 building. Example below:





This is the front of the building I own. I own the highlighted door so therefore the bigger highlighted area is the space I have to work with. And this would be FINE. But for one problem:







This is the other side of the building and these are ALSO SPERATE UNITS for the building.. Meaning my build can only go half way as show below:





So this is a TINY size to work with and i'm struggling to fit anything in. I'll supply pictures of the downstairs and upstairs. The downstairs I can live with but I cannot fathom a way of fitting both a bedroom AND bathroom into the space upstairs. In my opinion the back of these buildings should be the back door to the units, not more units.








So I suppose my request is can I make my interior slightly bigger given the fact this is an insanely small space to live in.


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