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Loss of my home inventory.

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Hello. I went to store my gun and when I left I closed the door, when I go back (several hours passed) to get the gun, I open the door normally because it was locked and when I check the inventory instead of the gun there are 15 bottles of water. It is obvious that someone stole it but how? if the house was not open.
Nothing appears in the UCP.






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I didn't lose it due to inactivity, I have videos from yesterday, the day before yesterday, videos I recorded playing, I go in every day for a while, it can't be possible that it was due to inactivity, and I got the house inside the game at the McDonald's motel.




In addition to this, it is impossible that it was due to inactivity because those water bottles were not there, that means that someone took it and left the water bottles.

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From the server rules (see the last sentence):



If you have a key to a property that is not yours, and you are a tenant, you must still submit a breakin request to roleplay searching and taking items that are not yours. Motels are not included under this rule, leave items in a motel at your own risk as they can be taken by anyone.


Motels can't serve as individual homes or safe storage points. Anyone is able to rent a room and handle the items inside.

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yeah pretty much if they did it with a /breakin they can take everything
never put anything of value in motels or houses that you have a key for and dont trust the owner not to take them

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Motel have shared inventory,  everyone can rob there. People can rent the same room and put hands on your items,  sad but its like that.  You can forum report and see if an admin can get your gun back in your inventory. I say it again: motels have shared inventory, everyone can rent your room and use your inventory, dont stash shit there

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The way the motel script works, rooms are not only rented to one person. As @mana has explained the server rules mention that things left in motel inventories aren't protected and anyone can take anything that's in the room they are also renting.

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