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[Sold] Vapid Benson

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Vapid Benson, $69,000



Benson DDN794 has served as a workhorse for IMEX Logistics since the last days of summer of 2020. Utilized by one of the most experienced classes of truckers upon the road, Class Three Drivers, DDN794 has been adroitly driven over a year and a half with the company, hauling loads of goods down city streets, country roads, and state highways. 


Reverently looked after by the company’s crack team of fleet technicians, DDN794 has also been skillfully serviced by civilian mechanics working in some of the state's most distinguished garages (specifically: Glass Heroes, Imperial Auto Works, Autoholics Motors, Gorman's Auto Repair Shop, MAD Customs, and Riverside Rods). 


Although the story of DDN794's service with IMEX has drawn to a close, a new chapter in its tale awaits to be written with other owners. Vapid Bensons are well known for being smooth-handling and swift-footed, and DDN794 is no exception. For the men and women of IMEX, DDN794 has been one of the most reliable and hardy trucks, and it will continue to be just that for its new operators. 


This truck would be perfect for an independent trucker, a trucking company aiming to build or expand its fleet, a racing team looking for logistical solutions, or a small business owner attempting to stockpile themselves with supplies.


Make: Vapid

Model: Benson

Year: 2020

Plate: DDN794

VIN: 9028


Owners: Harvey Busch (2020-09-14 - 2021-11-08), Aurora McCorkle (2021-11-08 - )

Market Price: $138,000 (registered)

Asking Price: $69,000


Color: IMEX Red

Seating: 2

Storage: 15 crates ((100KG))

Drive: AWD

Transmission: Automatic (5 gears)

Fuel: Gasoline

Mileage: 22,710



Enhanced locks ((Level 3))
Enhanced alarm ((Level 1))

Engine modifications ((Turbo))


((OOC screenshot))


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