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Why does everyone act so hard IC?

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On 3/12/2022 at 5:08 PM, Fancy Toothpaste said:

Many people on this server can't really take a loss, even in the smallest sense. This results in them making characters that are constructed to be as successful as possible in their given genre: Many CEO/Lawyer characters act like they have genius IQ's. Many cops have unshakable senses of justice. Many criminals fail to roleplay their conscience.

With that said, you'll find many criminal characters who seem to be "badass" killing machines but are simply fronting that facade because that's the environment they're surrounded by. In some IC factions/roleplay environments, "weakness" will always be looked down upon, and as such, certain characters go to great lengths to hide their weakness for the purposes of IC conformity. These are the types of characters who commit violence with a hard exterior, but when everyone's back is turned they throw up in a dumpster because of the adrenaline dump that follows.

Yes, there are some bad roleplayers who fail to display any sense of emotion that doesn't fit their cookie-cutter character archetype, but amongst them are layered and interesting characters who you have to become familiar with before you can spot their weaknesses. As cliche as it sounds, try not to judge a book by its cover.

I know I'm kind of late but yeah, as a civilian who met a gangster minor at the time, who was working part-time in a Cafe cleaning dishes and stuff, since I was faaaar away from any criminal world, he did show a lot of his soft side when around just me. 

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Cause im a crankster and a gangster. You dont want it cause I aint no prankster. Its a hard life, but a good life. Sometimes you gotta pay price the price but the price aint nothin for a wood like me cause im from the motherfuckin I.E. 

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fragile egos usually, resulting in needing to do something to feel validation. its a lot of that in RP in general, let alone gta rp which enables the behavior even more given the hyperfocus on crime & punishment type shit that the setting comes with. mix of that and not being able to understand that their character is a person, and not just a video game character they're playing. same could be said ooc for the first part. too many people value their own ooc feelings over ic and cant swallow pride to take the L and refuse to portray anything other than some weird, unrealistic and easily violence prone hardened individual that can beat anyone at anything no matter if they're a 5' nothing asian girl or a 6'7 white boy. humility is rare as fuck in character, even with the good roleplayers if im being honest. they just tend to write their character to be more believable so people accept it in their case - which is perfectly fine. just dull when its all everyone does.

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On 3/14/2022 at 8:28 PM, Ronnie two poles said:






People with the silver spoon lifestyle glorify the hard life both IC and OOC because it's been portrayed to them via their peers as "cool"

this would work if it was just gang rpers acting that way

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The short answer is: self inserts using the game as a way out of their IRL issues.


I'd say this type of behavior won't change here and probably won't change in the future in any other server. It's a matter of what you wanna do when you open the game.

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People play a role and forget the human behind it.

I wouldn't even say it's a self-insert problem because these people don't do that. If they inserted some personality into their character they might actually be interesting!

But instead we get a stonewall mobster without emotions or values, a cop who's only online to be on duty and vent about cop life, a 12 yr old gang member hitting on adults and acting like he's a hardened 30 yr old criminal.

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