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Why does everyone act so hard IC?

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52 minutes ago, Zorbe said:

LMAO, most of illegal roleplayers here are not much better than the cat ear people.

the difference is that theres ACTUALLY a lot of teens with guns shooting at each other because of arguments and gang affiliations, but on the other hand, you dont have 6'5" asian lesbians driving $260k+ cars dressed in cat ears going around fucking everything that has a heart beat. Dont quote me to argue with me cause its not debatable, its a reality

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How about people stopped complaining and came to back to rp? I did complain a lot, yeah I did. But I figured out, that fuck that. Instead of ranting here and there, just stick to roleplay. I did some experiments on my own characters lately. I can say, that every group or concept has bad apples and that's why we have admins. There are also people roleplaying their shit properly on each side. So instead of searching for the bad stuff, look for the good one. I always ranted about robbery rate, guess what? Rate didn't change, but I stopped being afraid of it. I walk around city sometimes, I stand outside or sit on the bench and stuff. I go buying drugs to Vespucci. If you drive around 62th body that day, so what? It doesn't concern your character unless they are involved, so just move on. Honestly that's all I can tell people here, if it is realistic to an extent? People can roleplay it.

It is not true that gangsters only log in to beef with each other, no they go to bars, clubs, hang around, they have house parties. Some people just don't see it from their eclipse tower apartment. And if the crime rate is high, so be it. It is what it is. Civilians can still have their peaceful roleplay sessions. If people feel wronged, report it.

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