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((This thread will follow the story and activities of Isaac Hamaguchi)) 


Back Story


Early Life:


Isaac Hamaguchi is a 3rd generation Japanese American. He was born and raised in Little Seoul, where his grandfather, Haruto Hamaguchi, primarily brought him up. With his family being in poverty and falling just short of the living wage, his parents were always working desperately, trying to keep themselves afloat and food on the table. Leaving Isaac when he was not in school with his Grandfather Haruto, a retired mechanic. His time with his grandfather was an escape from reality until he got home. Since he was so young, he didn’t understand that this was wrong; to him, it was normal.  


Teenage Years:


In Isaac’s teen years, his parents put more and more pressure on him, when he did not meet their expectations, he was greeted with scorn and disappointment. He understood why but it made life hard. He started to become closed off isolated, and he bottled up his emotions to the point where he only felt frustrated. The only time he felt at peace was when he was with his grandfather.


 As he moved into high school, things didn’t get much better; he struggled to make friends and was often bullied for his worn attire; in combination with his home life, he could only bottle up so much and began to lash out, he felt like nobody understood him, whenever teachers tried to talk to him he couldn’t express how he felt or why he felt the way he did, to them he was just another troubled boy to far gone to save. The only person he could confide in was his grandfather, but even then, he wasn’t able to tell him everything. As the years passed, Isaac became emotionally detached, having no empathy, but clung to things that were most dear to him, afraid of letting them slip away. A constant emotional battle in his mind, on the outside he was cool and calm, on the inside he was battling himself, unsure how to feel, and unable to let it out.


As the years went on the divide between Isaac and his parents grew. The more they tried to push him in one direction, the harder he pushed back, doing the opposite of what they desired purely to spite them. By the age of 16, he had been kicked out of his parent’s house, they were unable to cope with him any longer. So, he moved into his grandfather’s house. It was at this time Isaac found his enjoyment in cooking, Haruto teaching him traditional Japanese meals, and dishes, alongside this Isaac and his grandfather, spent their free time working on his Sultan Classic, his pride, and joy. As a result of this, Isaac began to excel in his culinary classes and mechanic classes. Life seemed like it was looking up for Isaac, but the hard truth settled in very quickly, his grandfather couldn’t afford to keep him.




This began to show after a few weeks, Isaac would see his grandfather having smaller meals just so Isaac could have more, it broke his heart seeing the one person he truly cared about giving up his health, just because of him. Isaac asked his grandfather about their position, and why he wouldn’t sell his car and use his money to live happily. To which he answered, “To take away what I have had for so long, will take away a part of what makes my living happy”. Isaac felt useless.


He was determined to help his grandfather, he felt guilty. He knew there were drugs being sold around his school, and he knew that the kids who did it always had cash, he wanted a piece of that. Isaac began speaking to the dealing kids, putting up a charismatic front. He began to get friendly with the group over time, after a few months they brought him into their little enterprise. They believed Isaac was their best friend, the truth was Isaac didn’t care much about them, they got him where he needed to be, that was all he cared about. When the cash started coming in, he used it to help his grandfather, buying food, water, everything he needed. His grandfather questioned where the cash was coming from, but Isaac just shrugged it off and said it was a support fund from the school. He kept this up until he finished school, he had saved up enough to last him and his grandfather a while. Satisfied, he took a step back from selling, his group wasn’t impressed but Isaac convinced them to allow it, reminding them that it was more money in their pockets.




Adult Life:


By the time Isaac was 24, he and his parents stopped communicating altogether, it was just Isaac and his grandfather until he passed away that is. Haruto became suddenly ill, he tragically died, leaving Isaac feeling isolated and alone once again. The government took his house back, the only thing that his grandfather was able to leave him, was his Sultan Classic. By this time his savings were dwindling, he couldn’t look after his grandfather anymore, it was only him. Like Haruto once did, he refuses to sell the Sultan, seeing it as the only piece of his grandfather he has left. Now he sleeps in his car, using the money he had left for food, and fuel, with it quickly running out he needs to try to find a way to keep on living.  





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