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OOC: This faction aims to portray multiple angles of a Chinese community within Little Seoul, consisting of but not limited to a youth street gang, a criminally exploited Tong, and community figures who interact with all of the aforementioned. We welcome a variety of characters to interact with us in character, from the teenage Americanized youth to a senior first generation immigrant. The importance is placed on unique, individual development inside and outside the community. By affiliating with our faction, usually solidified by posting on the thread or a discord invite, you agree to our faction-wide CK policy that is respected by everyone from bottom to top. If you should die at the hands of the faction through solidly developed roleplay, regardless of status or rank, you agree to accept a CK on your character. There is also a faction wide alt restriction, whereby anyone actively roleplaying with the faction should remain active on one character. We do not condone joining multiple factions at once.


Any and all feedback, questions, or complaints may be forwarded to the faction leader @Chef. We ask that any dirty laundry or OOC bitterness be left off the thread.

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