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Unpopular Opinion: The Thread

Message added by Nightmare,
  On 5/13/2022 at 10:38 PM, Nightmare Night said:

Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.

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A big amount of gang rp'ers are seeking an experience they'd more easily find on FiveM and actually have no place in this server.


A-lot of these ^^ people seek that shoot em up experience here on gta:w because it feels like they're doing more damage.


People really be RP'ing hood on here bcuz they're suburban and confused irl.


The server is in a constant struggle of cops vs robbers, and I don't like it.


People who spend time on photoshop for menyoo pics for their virtual character's social media could be making money with that effort and I don't like seeing the waste.


People who argue "it's not that deep" are the people who you'll see whining in forum reports.


All server rules should be subject to punishment levels, with all of them having a constant punishment, no admin discretion. Ie, DM? 7 days. Etc.


CK's should stay the way they are. 


There's too much corruption in SD.


The forum report frequenters who keep fighting with the same circle of people should be banned with no explanation. 


"Time-wasting" should be a new rule that allows admins to punish people who make petty reports where no rules were actually broken. Let em reconsider the salt.


The server time should be moved to somewhere in the middle of EU and US to accommodate more people.


The things that currently cost IRL money on the server (donator perks) should cost IRL money on the server. It's a business, not a charity.


Your time isn't valuable to others, nobody cares that you spent 10h of ingame time on a situation only for a void to undo that. You still played and enjoyed it, no?


I am right and you are wrong.


*nuzzles* So sorry for some of these might be popular... I'm just gonna slip out of here... Have a nice day or evening!! ❤️ :3 ❤️ 



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1 hour ago, Phased said:

Putting your character's cologne or perfume with a marketing board's description of the scent in your description doesn't make you a better roleplayer.

in fact it makes you a worse one.

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On the topic of drugs - one for the MC scene on this server.


Just because of that one fucking gangland episode where they said prospects smoke crystal to stay awake to do whatever patched members say - does not mean your entire MC faction should be based on the concept of shooting up and smoking meth.   If an entire chapter was sharing needles and smoking crystal on a daily basis they would not be riding custom Harley's and running a garage, a bar, seventeen thousand stripclubs and driving trucks full of smack concealed as protein powder, they'd be on their knees in a line trying to be the lucky one to get a dime bag for their services.

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1 hour ago, Phased said:

Putting your character's cologne or perfume with a marketing board's description of the scent in your description doesn't make you a better roleplayer.


This man right here is 💯 correct. We don't care how your character smells.

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Development is overrated. This isn't a novel, characters aren't protagonists and don't need an arc. If your portrayal is decent, that's all that matters! Have fun with it. Half of everyone's stories within a given genre of RP are the same because they follow the same cliche progression and advancement anyway.

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4 hours ago, Phased said:

Putting your character's cologne or perfume with a marketing board's description of the scent in your description doesn't make you a better roleplayer.

i never understood why ppl did this, it isnt like we KNOW how it smells. what if it is stinky?

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9 hours ago, Paenymion said:
  • There should be cat ears for males.
  • We need jeans with even bigger butts.
  • People should be able to just go to a closed mechanic and use the menu to upgrade their cars without needing to RP it.
  • Highway Patrol, FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service and the Thot Patrol should be added as LEO factions.  Upgrade Port Authority to be law enforcement faction, too.
  • Cars should just autodespawn whenever somebody says "texture loss" in /b.
  • Coyote packs should spawn randomly in the city at night, with aggression set to high.
  • Speed cameras at all junctions which automatically take $500 out of your account if you go above 60MPH.
  • Property is removed without warning if you don't spend at least one hour per day actively roleplaying inside of it (property management tasked with visiting each house ICly to check).
  • Guns will jam if you don't buy a brush and type /usebrush [id] after firing it.  Brushes can only be gotten from suppliers.

ahaha good one

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Public ERP should be allowed. The server would benefit from it.


You should be able to spawn at the hospital with a fully loaded gun of your choice after death.


Guns should be locked behind experience tiers. Want to use the carbine? 49/750 opps slain. Insufficient opps slain to use this weapon!

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Fetishizing a real life gang/organization/department will not make you a better roleplayer.


What happens to your character in game should be more impactful on their personality than any preconceived IRL notion/etc.

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