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Unpopular Opinion: The Thread

Message added by Nightmare Night,
  On 5/13/2022 at 10:38 PM, Nightmare Night said:

Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.

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2 minutes ago, Engelbert said:

They would've have more work than cops tending to shootouts.

people would soon learn when they get a warrant on them for not paying 100k in fines

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3 minutes ago, eTaylor said:

They do though 


public works can only tow vehicles if requested by an LEO, they also cant issue tickets.

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bar and club roleplay is incredibly fucking boring almost regardless of what's actually inside the venue. also restaurants are pretty boring too.


i cannot see anyone over the drinking age, actually capable of going outside to clubs, bars and music venues in real life actually enjoying going inside somewhere IG with at least 90% teenage white british boys attempting to portray African American gangster, dj, hiphop artist, etc. with an accent so tisctically exaggerated it gives me a constant OOC aneurysm reading it: please just stop trying to type out ebonics in general. source: i live close to atlanta


 or the other cliche which is the Second Life ERP-baity, possible Mary Sue, probable prostitute -- sorry, sex worker characters. i see a lot of debate in this thread about how we shouldn't kowtow to the players who are minors in real life and while i agree with that, there's a harsh reality that the majority of mature, normal adults are not interested in erotic roleplay, excessive gore, or especially writing out a scene in grave detail about rape in a video game series named after motor vehicle theft. that is to say, possibly a majority of ERPers are underage and usually outright lying about their age and the other half are doing it for ingame currency, lack of access to sex in real life, to garner status with players/characters who hold power in some form in-game. 


this is why i think erp should be banned completely lol. there is literally no benefit to allowing erotic roleplay in any form on the server. seeing the /ad escorts for hire spam is really cringeworthy.



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1 hour ago, Engelbert said:

Honestly I fínd it ridiculous, that whole city doesn't know basic traffic rules and laws. Fire lane? Tow+fine. Parking right after crossing or on sidewalk? Tow+fine.

Yet everyone does this. Also driving after you had couple of whisky shots, in high speed? License suspension+fine maybe charge.


24 minutes ago, Junx said:



Imagine if they made a division of gov faction just for traffic stuff

i have driven after i had a couple of shots, although not at a particularly high speed (i am a retired booze cruiser) and i have never been caught and a majority of fellow booze cruisers i know have not been caught. also, people in LA and many big cities in the real world do drive like absolute cock-gobblers and basic traffic laws are broken consistently because it is not actually a criminal offense to be an asshole - it is a civil offense and it is heavily underreported and under-enforced in many jurisdictions in the usa and worldwide. 


also a consistent complaint here on the forums and elsewhere seems to be complaining about people failing to fully roleplay incredibly menial, tedious things or lack of total realism.


look man. i dont really want to roleplay out perfectly following traffic laws like i would in real life. a good chunk of the city ingame is absolutely fucking vacant of other ingame drivers and statistically speaking 90% of them are liable to start trying to mug or escalate on you ICly if you drive like youre around to sniff the flowers. i would rather be told to slow down and face assloads of fines from the cops ICly than risk driving slow through Los Santos which has a crime rate more comparable to a brazilian favela rather than la. plus LSSPD thankfully isn't typically enforcing minor traffic laws because they're too busy handling the shot-coppers and gang rpers.


like dude its the exact same reason i dont enjoy the trucking roleplay grind along with many others or RPing as a gas station clerk or see the point in joining the university faction. there does not appear to be any real incentive to engage in thought-out and deep intrinsic roleplay in most of the legal jobs other than to avoid facing trouble with the staff team (I personally have no record with the staff team). i could literally just go outside and apply for these jobs and get the same output out of it, plus an actual paycheck.


i think there should be a real ingame incentive to engage in thoughtful and well-written roleplay on these jobs ingame like extra $. rewarding good roleplayers encourages good roleplay.


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13 minutes ago, eTaylor said:

Still leaves the paperwork 



we still have todo our own paperwork for impounds but cops need todo it also since gov doesnt have mdc

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6 hours ago, Engelbert said:

That is weird. My character is heavily inked, was hit on several times. But never pressed in south central. I guess it also depends who they see walking down the street. A teen or young guy will have higher chance of being pressed.

My character is 27 y/o and black so I wouldn't say anything's weird outside of his age since the general demographic is younger. Maybe I was just unlucky but thankfully most people are understanding to civilians so I wouldn't say I've had "bad experiences".

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Fking hell I hope this gets taken seriously cuz I see tons of reasons why the server rp quality keeps going down. 

Imo admins should punish for unrealistic driving, its not that ricers every once in a while do 100 in the city but everyone does. Unrealistic af.

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