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Unpopular Opinion: The Thread

Message added by Nightmare Night,
  On 5/13/2022 at 10:38 PM, Nightmare Night said:

Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.

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this place will never, ever be a replacement for a social life, relationship or job


the amount of people you come across here who clearly need an intervention is disturbing

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I truly hope whatever Rockstar does with GTA 6 (or some other community) moves the RP scene the fuck out of LA County/West Coast so all the realism crusaders can't use the same "research" they've been doing since 2013 and try to justify it as accurate. This is not to say I'm against the expectation of realistic role-play by any stretch of the imagination but some of it never adds up and you get people referencing very stupid things because "IRL". I just wanna see what people do when they have to research something else from scratch and can't use what they heard or what they read eons ago as pivotal points of reference.


The whole "realistic role-play" mantra should be as realistic as playable not as realistic as possible because otherwise it just makes the game stupidly unfun for just about everybody playing it.


And I'll give you an example: the tl;dr of social life in Los Santos for everyone is you can't offensively call someone a bitch but you can kill eachother over netbanging because the concession goes "well you can't do a bunch of things so we'll let you kill each other over dumb shit." Roasting someone IC will get you killed more than literal crime will.



GTAW 2019 vs. GTAW 2022 is a very stark contrast of how this server became hugely regulated for no good measure. For some reason it's the administration's belief that they need to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of rulebreaking precedents in in game rules instead of literally nothing.


There are disproportionate standards thrown around for no reason — illegal role-players can't rob on a dirtbike because some weirdos can't RP and the staff would rather make rules around that than ban offenders; legal/cop role-players can't get shit they'd normally get because it makes the illegal community mad (it is incredibly fucking frustrating to deal with Property Management, for example, and justify legit finances, California Taxes, and a bunch of X is Y because Z because you're a cop RPer and "it looks bad if PD/SD/SFM/PR has ..." — by no means am I saying PM aren't literally GOATs for the work they do, but God damn it is it frustrating to justify your shit ten times over when others get leeway.)


It's not that deep, just let people enjoy the game, and enforce rules on those who clearly don't give a fuck anyway. You know who the rulebreakers are. You know who the common violators are. There's usually the same names persistently in Player Reports, Faction Reports, and whatever else.


And you know why? Because with some server openings on the horizon, it's my unpopular opinion that people are fed up, tired with "voided RP", tired with rules upon rules upon rule precedents of some rules because Money Davis or Robo Cop did something, and GTAW is gonna lose players in the face of communities who don't strictly regulate what people do and just reactively deal with the reports on bad actors instead. I understand you need to uphold a standard and I don't blame anyone for that. But you're being role-play police for no reason sometimes.

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