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Unpopular Opinion: The Thread

Message added by Nightmare Night,
  On 5/13/2022 at 10:38 PM, Nightmare Night said:

Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.

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this'll stir the pot,


who cares what sexuality a character is, if u dont like them then dont rp with them? crusading against it like the servers supposed to be from the 1950s is actually mad.

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day three, still popular opinions. consider taking literature classes, i beg of all you.



leo factions don't need every niche vehicle thst the lapd and lasd have. it should only be scouts, buffalos, victors, and bearcats. all these unnecessary vehicles contribute to texture loss

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The rate that legal/civi chars ("PF warriors") pull their weapons is proportionate to the crime rate in LS. it's impossible to RP a "normal" character when the population of LS has more criminals than civilians. 

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Missed words.
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On 2/20/2022 at 9:53 PM, Late said:

We should remove the ability to spawn at any location and you should always spawn at your last location.

We should also remove /fixveh

Absolutely not, fixveh has been a lifesaver when my car bugged half the map away for no reason.


Anything that eliminates waiting 30 mins for an Admin is a good thing

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On 2/21/2022 at 9:54 AM, Cypher99 said:

Unpopular opinions?


- Every death where you don’t value your life should automatically be a CK. No exceptions. No appeals. 

- The housing market should be reset and price caps reintroduced immediately. This will prevent anyone from overpaying for a house from the get go.

- Money should not be a barrier to role play.

- People should drive more realistic. This isn’t Need for Speed.

- Warnings are over rated. Start banning bitches, CK’ing their characters and taking their assets. People might start to listen then. 


Easy there, Adolf.

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Most of the "characters" who say racist/misogynistic/homophobic stuff "but it's just a character dude", have players who unironically say the exact same shit on Discord.


Hoodrats grumbling because a "cat eared mallrat with a CCW" killed them, were actually shot because they were acting like idiots, by someone who didn't even have a CCW anyway.


Most faction wars start and end with metagaming.


Most "heavy RP'ers" are horrified at the idea of an OOC forum to look for RP because it's terrible metagaming. Then they metagame their asses out on Discord to CK someone.


The whole "you need to do actual in-game work that takes time to get money" is dumb. 

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The admin team should just be removed because serious offenders who do dumb shit get slapped on the wrist anyway. There's no real point, perm bans mean nothing.

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