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Unpopular Opinion: The Thread

Message added by Nightmare Night,
  On 5/13/2022 at 10:38 PM, Nightmare Night said:

Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.

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- There's next to no consequences for poor behaviour on the server. People who blatantly play to win, cheat to gain an advantage or metagame can do so with next to no risk of doing so. Less warnings and slaps on the wrist needs to happen, more active punishment and removal. Admin jail is a nearly completely pointless punishment.

- Punishments seem disproportionate to "crimes" committed. Some memelords got fairly long bans for trolling, while similarly some PF abusers got an admin jail of an hour.

- Reporting and taking it to the forums are often pointless as reports can sit for weeks to months untouched, same with CK appeals until the point that the RP has moved on.

- A lot of admins get unfair criticism for just trying to help out on the server and the expectations of them to drop everything on a dime to come watch a subpar break-in or robbery is unfair for untrained volunteers.

- A lot of illegal RPers are more overtly aggressive and blatant in their illegal nature than you can realistically get away with in 2022. No, Gary you can't start a shooting in the equivalent of Hollywood because someone said a mean thing to you, disrespect or not, this isn't the 40s to 60s anymore.

- Turning fake Los Angeles into Mogadishu or Baghdad is poor portrayal by any major organized crime group in 2022.

- PK wars often turn into glorified GTA Online DM fests with next to no RP and all faction conflicts should be CK only, if you are determined to have war, you should risk EVERYTHING doing so.

- CKs should be a semi-complete to complete asset wipe. 

- Anyone taking a PK doing something stupid should take an immediate CK with no appeal opportunity.

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  • /bad is pay2win
  • Street racer characters should be CK'ed when crashing into anything at over 100 mph.
  • Being on drugs is not an excuse to justify mass murder.
  • Most criminal characters could use some anger management classes.
  • The rule for dirt bikes not being allowed for robbery should be removed.
  • Dogs should be free for everyone


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48 minutes ago, ScarletRose said:

Street racer characters should be CK'ed when crashing into anything at over 100 mph.



1 hour ago, Knooflook said:

- CKs should be a semi-complete to complete asset wipe. 


‣ If they haven't already, I think they should have specific forum staff to focus on refund requests, player reports and things forum related. I've noticed a lot of things such as refund requests are waiting weeks for people to get a reply. 

‣ We don't have enough restaurants... We need more, no more bars and nightclubs please, just some nice food joints.

‣ Properties need looking into for prices... I shouldn't be paying 2 million for a trailer in sandy shores and 100k for a high rise apartment in the city.

‣ Starter paychecks are far too much, stops people from roleplaying jobs properly.

‣ Make more characters CK if they die properly... And make the consequences from the CK more severe, might make people understand the value of fear in certain situations!

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server isnt toxic enough, we need more hatred in the community

raise car prices even more


make houses even more expensive


remove all shitty cheap looking civilian cars, replace them with all the super cool expensive cars like the Zentorno or the Adder

not enough violence on the server, give everyone guns

get rid of player reports. you got killed in the game? cry about it

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People in the community posting on threads like this often sound like they're a politician, running some kind of campaign. I see it here too, whole speeches and spouting the usual just to get a little bit of recognition "At least he says it how it is!" 😴. And then you've got people on forum reports who reply as if they're some kind of lawyer or something.

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3 minutes ago, Martyn said:

People in the community posting on threads like this often sound like they're a politician, running some kind of campaign

People heavily mix up expressing opinions with lobbying

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this thread is called unpopular opinions because some y'all were unpopular in real life.



police factions should stop not wanting to write paper work. this lack of wanting to do paperwork makes ricers keep doing what they're doing.

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Having a serial killer going around killing people in discreet ways would make civilian interaction way more interesting. It's like Among Us on a super large scale.


An active shooter scenario would probably do good for server lore and continuity as an one time thing.



The Witcher games, Fallout: New Vegas, 2077 and Mass Effect are not good games, and Fortnite is a good game.



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