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The Dice-Man


This thread will be following the life of Other Car affiliate Derrick Tuy...

                                                                                                                                (Image of Derrick Tuy from his Snapchat stories. January 17, 2015.)                                                                                                             62i6Wfdh5RG--ZbTeYsznzMnU3gD-kLdX_uOVQN2vG_vQPuWHcGICrvo4ZX9NiWNTVBsbH3tgJoXNXPUcx6i58GA3vybANwK0h6MpeloRiaEjfUXNbvTrZRoikIBc9uLfvcc7YOK           


                                                                                                                                                  (Image of Derrick Tuy via TTCF records, January 16, 2017.)



(Image of Derrick Tuy from a surveillance camera. February 13, 2022.)



Beach Life

Derrick Tuy "Dice-Man" is a Cambodian-American male born in Vespucci Beach. Since a child he's been involved with petty crime such as shoplifting and other forms of petty theft. He was always surrounded by bad influences as most of his friends were doing drugs and constantly getting in fights. As he grew into a teenager he started to get involved with the narcotics trade, along the way he met his closest friend Harold "Omen" Neang. 

(Image of Derrick Tuy and Harold Neang via Neang’s Facebrowser. June 5th, 2008)



Armed Robbery

On January 16th of 2017, Derrick Tuy was picked up for an armed robbery. He had planned with Harold Neang to rob an LTD out in Strawberry that they'd been passing by for a while. Due to the high rates of crime in the neighboring town Davis, they figured they would be able to get away with it since the cops would be distracted. When the day came, Harold was picked up on a narcotics charge. Tuy had no clue, but since he was in desperate need of the money he decided to hit the place himself.

(CCTV footage of the robbery, Derrick Tuy is seen holding the cashier at gunpoint. January 15th, 2017.)




Derrick Tuy failed to successfully pull off the robbery alone, his vehicle was tracked down to his aunt's house where she ended up folding after a few questions. The charges started to stack up against Tuy, leading him to a 5 year sentence. Within his time in TTCF he got close with Mark Gantuya and Kevin Heoi, two heavyweights of the Other Car. He managed to impress the duo with his relentless attitude and perseverance. This attention landed him a life-long spot representing the Other Car on the streets.





Present Day

Derrick Tuy's released five years later, he reunites with Harold Neang to get more people involved with the crew. Will the duo manage to run a stable crew without landing back in the slammer for the long run? We'll find out together...



(this pic goes hard, feel free to screenshot)






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