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[4SALE] Lampadati Komoda, Vapid Caracara 4x4 and Canis Seminole Frontier


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Every vehicle listed will be insured for seven days if the owner wishes it.

Feel free to contact me via email (( Forum PM )) or 32588536, phone number.


Lampadati Komoda, under 300 miles. (Sold)

  • The vehicle has been well mentained, modified internally by equipping a performance package that includes turbo, transmission and brakes upgrades. The pearl white wrap the car comes with does not have any scratches visible, the car being kept in impecable condition.








Vapid Caracara 4x4, ~1100 miles. (Sold)

  • The Caracara 4x4 is the first and the best known model that's part of the Vapid SUV family. The vehicle has been modified internally at Los Santos Customs, 'suffering' a lot of upgrades along with an additional led bar added to the front part.
  • An optional security package was equipped to the car, checking all the features available for this type of car.
  • The vehicle is registered with custom / vanity plates. 'BLACKEAGLE'







Canis Seminole Frontier, ~1400 miles (Sold)

  • The Seminole Frontier is known for it's malleabilty and for being used in all purposes anyone could need. The presented Seminole, as well as the other ones has been equipped with a performance package, making it even more powerful.
  • A "Canis external OFF-ROAD" kit has been attached to the car, package that includes a front-side winch, an additional led bar on top of the car and a roof track, along with the two tone dark green-black colorway.
  • Like the Caracara, the Seminole Frontier has an optional security package applied.





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