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[PARADISE] Battle of Los Santos: A Brief on the Ongoing Turf War in South Central

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*The website's quite plain in display, everything center-aligned: 'anotherdayinparadise.net.' There's a disclaimer at the top of the page that reads:*


By now it's no secret that South Central Los Santos has relapsed into the levels of violence seen only in the nineties, with no tangible end in sight.
With the recent unveiling of the Charleston housing projects, many saw a light at the end of the tunnel, but the war of attrition has only just begun.
This is a (very brief) look into the levels of violence witnessed by driving through South Central in just two hours each day for two days in a row.


My first foray into South Central brought me to the recently-opened Charleston Housing Projects, where a scene was underway.
Children should never be exposed to this level of brutality, but now they'll play atop a half-dozen graves without knowing it.
A mass-casualty incident had occurred with over one hundred shots fired and six people dead twenty feet from a playground.
As unfortunate as it is, shootouts like this have become so common that residents walk past corpses and don't even care.
Honestly? I can't even blame them at this point. The environment's harsh and unforgiving - May as well be a Favela.


I move on from this area and drive back home. Wasn't worth staring at doomed souls for too long- it starts to eat at you.
This isn't a job I do because I enjoy it. It's a job I do because these people deserve to be more than a statistic.
When I get back out on the road, I find two people dead near the Strawberry clothing store, shot to death.
A man was already there, pilfering their pockets of whatever they had to offer him- phones, guns, money.


Something catches my eye- another body, but with people stood nearby. Guy in a green jacket was looting a corpse around back.
Black hoodie guy walks up and points a gun at him. Green jacket guy runs away and gets into his car, and shots fill the air.
Add one more body to the pile- now at a total of five strewn around the area, with enough brass to film a live-action DOOM.
Not really surprised, and I saw it coming. Noone came by to collect the dead, so they lied there for two more hours.


Life is a gift, but not all of us get the same nice gift given to us. If you're fortunate enough to live outside rough areas?
Cherish it while you can. It isn't the fault of these souls they have to resort to this to get by, it's just how it is in SC.
With no business in South Los Santos and zero youth programs to steer anyone in the right direction, I don't see it changing.
In a democracy, you have to be a player. Gangs in South Central are just playing the game, but with bullets, not ballots.
And with noone reporting it other than myself, many will treat it as 'out of sight, out of mind'. But it's there still.
Los Santos News Network, eat your heart out. I'm doing what you never will: Showing LS as ugly as it really is.



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