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[4SALE] Meteor Complex North 401


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Meteor Complex is one of the best appartment complexes in the whole Los Santos, it's got it's own private courtroom along with a swimming pool on top of the roof, only available for the the people that lives in Meteor Complex. The appartment itself got 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 laundry room, a living room with kitchen open space along with an office and a room designated for people to relax with a glass of champagne while staying in the jacuzzi!


The appartment is located on the last floor of North complex (floor 4), situated right on the corner of the tower (room 401). These type of appartments are rare because you get to have view of the city on all the sides!


(( MARKET PRICE: 250.000$

FURNITURE PRICE: 161.000$ ))


PRICE: 420.000$ (Negotiable)


Interior is unlocked for viewing.


INTERIOR + EXTERIOR + (PROPERTY STATS) https://imgur.com/a/yP0oJwy



((PM Natasha Savrasenko IG))

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