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Why is Darkweb RP not allowed ?


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Seen it done before and it's impossible to moderate. Every single player more-or-less can access it, which well true irl, most people do not. Even then it's for the best imo, since it cuts half of the IC interaction involved to find a supplier/buyer in-game.

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4 hours ago, Junx said:

If you wanna run a leaks site you don't need to darkweb it. You just have to use a webhost that ignores DMCA requests so just RP that instead

we're back in business. idk how to take donations though haha

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7 hours ago, Santanaa said:

 would be used by characters that have no business on the dark web, would be cringy due to how people irl see the "dark web", and i repeat, highly unrealistic.

Reminds me of 


Username: 69thstcholo

Comment: Ey vato, u and ur whole gang bitches, we comin 4 u so watch ur bacc


**IP hidden by VPN**

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People don't even know how to use the Dark/Deep web.

Some people simply do "/me downloads Tor Browser and browses the Deep/Dark Web." and expect CIA-level encryption on their network. Some people don't know that, to browse the Dark/Deep, you can/should use an OS that has been specifically designed to do such (such as [REDACTED] (Lol I am not telling you?). And VPNs do not always hide your data, you know?

It's not as simple as downloading Tor and clicking the first .onion link you see. There is more to it than people think.

Besides... most people browse it for the funny "Ooh, what can I find" aspect (in my experience, at least).

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Even if it were possible, it wouldn't be a good idea. It would just make people completely skip over establishing connections, finding a supplier, interacting and role-playing and so on. No one would even do that when they can just go on the "dark web", find all of the drug/weapon suppliers and then be over with.

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tbh my char's company would love to host stuff like this and give illegal RPers fun stuff to do and give us RP when it comes to lawsuits and such, it'd be fun.


(my char runs the only isp in this state)

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It would be okay for me as a niche, but honestly, I can already see how suddenly all these 12 year old kids who aren't even going to school and bully computer nerds suddenly become completely technologically literate in a day with no RP and figure out the Milk Road or whatever cringe name people give to GTAW's Dark Web marketplace to sell and be able to distribute literally every drug that exists on the server like a real young teenager would do.

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