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Stop adding and/or remove custom mods.


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Myself and a lot of others have been encountering a lot of freezes and game drops ever since they added the map mod that adds thousands of useless props around the map. Yeah it uses vanilla props and in theory it shouldn't affect performance, but in practice it does.


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I've had a couple game freezes here and there, but I haven't noticed any performance difference in the last two years even with all these additions. Granted I don't use any visual mods and I adjust my graphics settings. Turn your graphics down a bit. Adjust the anti-aliasing amount, shadows, grass and water quality. Those are huge performance takers. Understand we're on a nearly 10-year old game and a multiplayer platform that in all likelihood can't handle running smoothly on stunning 4K and/or upgraded visual mods that people like to use client-side, no matter how optimized GTAW makes the server-sided mods.

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On 2/5/2022 at 4:54 PM, stringer said:

Mods do not cause these issues. Texture loss is not caused by mods. Texture loss is caused by ragemp being a very poorly made and poorly optimized client with tons of issues. Texture loss happened all the time before modding was made possible.

Had it happen to me all the time on my old PC, back when there was no modding. Not having any issues now on my new one. 

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