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Charleston Street Affordable Housing

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Charleston Street Affordable Housing


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Before we say, or do anything, I want to say a massive thank you to Oggy and the modding team, honey. and the IFM team for their hard work on this project. It is without a doubt the most ambitious change to our map yet, and came with a lot of complications and work but the work they've done has helped us open up more reasonable housing in an already well-populated, highly sought after location.


Property Management, along with the assistance of Faction Management have been working on this project to find a fair way to distribute the housing in this area. We've come up with a simple application system that should allow for the fair distribution of these properties. 


We want to continue to encourage the growth and development of the communities in this area, and first and foremost our priority will go to people who already belong in the surrounding communities and are without housing.


This area will be portrayed as lower-end 'affordable' housing constructed and afforded by Local Government. Further information surrounding the continuity and how to roleplay the growth and construction of this site will be published by the Continuity Team shortly.


Applications can be submitted for these properties from the 28th January. We do not anticipate this to be a long winded process, and we've made all efforts to streamline it but continue to give a fair opportunity to all.


Property Details


  • The units will be priced appropriately between $35,000 and $65,000 to potential applicants, depending on size.
  • The units will be allowed to be sold after one month of ownership, following the pricing guidelines.
    • If property flipping is found, or there is a belief that a property in this area will be sold for an unrealistic price, Property Management reserve the right to revoke the property and provide a base MP+FP refund.
  • There are boarded up properties in these locations. These will not be requestable as houses, and can be requestable through IFM for Factions.
  • This development contains:
    • Building 101 comprises of 8 available units
    • Building 102 comprises of 15 available units
    • Building 103 comprises of 11 available units
    • Building 104 comprises of 15 available units
    • Building 105 comprises of 15 available units
    • Building 106 comprises of 8 available units
    • Building 107 comprises of 8 available units


Eligibility Requirements


  • You must meet 20 hours activity within the past month on your character.
  • Your character must be above the 40 hour initial limit.
  • Your character's assets should reflect their lifestyle in an affordable housing estate. Any applications with vehicles above a certain price, or existing properties will be denied.
  • You should be purchasing this house to portray as your own, or that of a parent (for minor characters). Buying this property to rent will result in it being revoked.
  • You may select a building preference however this does not guarantee the building you will be offered a unit in.



Should you be interested applying for a property, we ask for the following in a thread on this forum


Topic Title: [Charleston Housing] Firstname Lastname



UCP Link:
Character Name:

Character Age:

Building Preference:
Short backstory (250 words or less):

Is your character local to the area?:
Does your character have gang affiliations, or plan to have gang affiliations?:


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