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RICO and disbanding factions

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Federal entities are not sustainable. They would require the entire legal system on a federal level as infrastructure - whilst JSA & DA Office already struggle to keep their members that are counted off of one hand. On top of that, a new Law Enforcement faction is currently not intended with similar issues in the investigative part of current LEO factions - PD has been on a steady decline in Detectives with many resigning, stepping down or going inactive over the past months due to various reasons. Seeing that most crime on the server is a make or break in forms of you getting caught red-handed or never to be found plus a variety of LFM decisions that made investigations even harder than they already are with lacking infrastructure and (script) support does not make that situation any better.

As for Officers not knowing the law and illegally searching or detaining one? That is the perfect starting point to get a lawyer and sue the department, get some sweet cashout to fund your nights out with blackjack and hookers. Literally free money just waiting to be picked off the sidewalk.

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8 hours ago, GamerX said:

Bro if you been to LA, trust it's a shithole especially South Central & Skid Row. I absolutely agree with what you're saying, but how do you feel about establishing Federal Gov RP ?

It has it's place and uses and if people would be down to do it, it could work. But there's not enough players interested in it therefore I think that current factions should take care of it all. The reason why I didn't mention a Fed Gov existing is simply because most Players couldn't be arsed to roleplay this kind of thing.

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