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What's the most cringe RP you've ever witnessed?

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18 hours ago, Cypher99 said:

Its cringe because 99% of the time characters like this are not properly developed. They just magically have all this experience with zero development. I bet you can't name me one person who's done it well. Don't be naive. It's done out of convenience when someone wants to be a jack-of-all-trades and it's just grossly awful in most cases.

Thing is, that people mistake development and classic "Starting at level 1" for roleplaying. You don't have to necessarily start a new character, as a new character. Problem is, that people are doing it in pretty unrealistic way, being a jack of all trades is just a movie or game cliche. You can pretty much create a pro mechanic or an artist off the bat, but you have to back it up, by actually looking up the profession or whatever, your character is good at.


Then, this part is not a response to you in particular, but I noticed people seeing pornstars, as just pornstars. Majority of them, actually have also something else they do. Some are writers, producers, bodybuilders, mma fighters. Yes just because they are not on daily mma news, doesn't mean they are not there. Not mention, that many of them actually have college education. What I see, as weird is this strange progression in the game, as someone mentioned mechanics suddenly rising up to prominence by getting a club, like they can do that. Sure, but it looks like another business tycoon simulation game. So if people use garage to farm money, at least have some courtesy and namechange before becoming a night life mogul.

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31 minutes ago, eTaylor said:

You can run from Paleto to south central in about 30 minutes, how does it take you 3 hours to drive? 

It's called realism? Same as it's prohibited for Southside roleplayers to travel unrealistic distances to conduct robberies. Same as we roleplay 1 OOC day in prison as 1 IC month. The server is based on LA, you wouldn't just walk from LA to Fillmore in 30 minutes. According to single player lore it takes 4 hours to get from LS to Paleto Bay. But I guess it's on management since they refuse to specify on how to roleplay said distance. If we take your logic though then it should not be prohibited for Southside roleplayers to travel to Paleto to rob people.  Since you can walk there in 30 minutes. 😆

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