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What's the most cringe RP you've ever witnessed?

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1 hour ago, Wolfhound said:

Or because roleplaying as a woman who likes cock is gay apparently.

But how am I gonna flex to my internet friends about my IC relationship when I roleplay taking dick?!

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1 hour ago, nateX said:

But how am I gonna flex to my internet friends about my IC relationship when I roleplay taking dick?!

Just be based and roleplay a gay dude. People never leave their comfort zones.

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3 hours ago, Coburn said:


If people see people being shady IRL... They wait around and see if anything happens.


Permaban people picklocking a car on an open street instead.

Most people, in the U.S., actually turn a blind eye as they do not want to interact with police or potentially get shot by a thief.

In U.S., Confidence in Police Lowest in 22 Years (gallup.com)

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2 hours ago, Ouch said:



Poorly rp'd robbery in middle of the street, who would have guessed that? Not me, right? /s

You can have your Furry Tail Butt Plug back if you want, damn. 💀


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Being in a Law Enforcement Faction, you are facing the possibly worst portrayal of gang bangers and minor characters, let alone the combination of both of what is supposedly a strong roleplay avenue in GTA based roleplay on a regular basis resulting in easily putting the entire scene into one corner of low quality roleplay and lolplayers. It makes the entire thing feel like finding a needle in a pile of shit haystack when looking for decent roleplay given even a semi smart gang banger knows to keep the heat off their area whilst your (M) warlord causes the 14th mass shooting for the same evening.

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11 hours ago, CheapskateEngineer said:

When an (M) in Vespucci Beach wants to buy my holiday apartment since their friend lives next door.


ICly, I ask if I can talk to his parents about it since he's just a minor with no money.


"/b his parents are NPC lol"

Tbh ur more cringe its a game lmfao do u expect everyone to rp everyones parent u can easily rp it with /do’s and /me’s npcing the parents in the rp 

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