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What's the most cringe RP you've ever witnessed?

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On 1/22/2022 at 2:10 PM, Fancy Toothpaste said:

It might not be the cringiest thing I've seen in my years of play, but I'll share it anyways: I was in a clothing store and a 'definitely not Italian mobster' turned to his buddy who was also 'definitely not an Italian mobster' and proclaimed for the entire store to hear, "Hey! Tommy, look at these fuckin' shoes, eh! I look like Don Corleone ovah here!"


Crips be wild nowadays.

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When 2077 launched I saw people using NightCity lingo it was the most cringe fucking thing I've seen in a while, except from pretty much anytime I see people roleplaying Twins.

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56 minutes ago, Ronnie two poles said:

how about when keith risk had a husband, finch risk. two of the most ugliest names ever. 


or how about all the foreigners and suburb/country kids on this server who do illegal rp and think black people are only bloods or crips and hispanics are only mexican and drive around davis in a car at 12 years old with a gun, pretty cringe

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Everyone dissing the tall-tee yet there's still people that rock it. Only the younger generations rock skinny-jeans and skin-tight tee-shirts.

Lot of underground emcees diss the mainstream media for promoting, what they classify as "Fag style". So, to generalize an entire nation based on the modern-day "teenage swag" would be just as bad as assuming that everyone walks around with tall-tees.

It's not like a style from ten years ago is automatically vanished from the Earth when older heads still rock similar gear.

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