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What's the most cringe RP you've ever witnessed?


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getting threatened by a hitman and a british guy because i took longer than thirty minutes doing a full "upgrade" to his car.


someone asking me to upgrade their suspension, correcting them ic i said "You mean lower it?" they told me "No".


Getting a hit put on me for kicking guys out of my bar, then they reported me for DM after I find out IC and had them killed for it.


Being called a "wasteman" for winning a hand at poker.

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It might not be the cringiest thing I've seen in my years of play, but I'll share it anyways: I was in a clothing store and a 'definitely not Italian mobster' turned to his buddy who was also 'definitely not an Italian mobster' and proclaimed for the entire store to hear, "Hey! Tommy, look at these fuckin' shoes, eh! I look like Don Corleone ovah here!"

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A guy who started throwing a tantrum and threatened reporting myself and another party for not "correctly roleplaying a MVA" because we agreed to skip and he had stumbled upon the scene.  Please get a fucking life.


Pretty much everyone I've ever come across who turns smug and pretentious and has to lecture you about minute details in /mes that nobody gives a fuck about. Motherfuckers complaining that I won't write a purple essay for the most insignificant of actions. Yeah cool, we get it. You have in-depth knowledge of that subject. 



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I'm sure this thread will last long.


- War vet maimed biker photographers


- Lesbian sex cults filled with large Amazon Warrior Women who also have big dicks for some reason.


- People who spell Homie as Homey. What are you, Marge Simpson?


- Saying this as a white guy who's built like the penguin.




- Criminals in established criminal empires openly talking about killing people in public over small back-and-forth arguments.


- Everything I RP.

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