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Xavier Jefferson

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  Even before his birth, Xavier's struggle would begin. Xavier's mother, Destiny, was pregnant and reckless. Despite knowing of her pregnancy, Destiny consumed heavy narcotics such as opioids, cocaine, crack, and alcohol to get high. As a result, Destiny's frequency of being high off drugs led to complications during the birthing of Xavier Jefferson. After many days of being incubated in the hospital, Destiny was still able to claim custody of Xavier despite many authoritative figures arguing against this decision. By this time, the father, whom Xavier never met, was long gone and left to the whims of his drug-addicted mother.
  Growing up was especially difficult for the first six years of Xavier's life as his mother would often fail to feed, clothe, groom, even shelter her son. As the end of the month came and bills were piling up, Destiny would become extremely violent, unleashing her frustration of being a single mother upon Xavier. "It's your fault why he let me!" and the crying of Xavier would be heard often through the walls of the distraught chamberlain apartment flat. He wouldn't take the acts of violence against him so personally but would internalize the feeling of guilt as he thought his mother was right or somehow justified. One incident, in particular, would come to leave a huge impression when Xavier was six years old.
  Xavier awakened to his deceased mother next to several needles on the floor and coffee table of the living room. Unfortunately, Xavier mistook this to be another hangover of her usual late-night drug binging until it was later revealed to Xavier by his grandmother that his mother had passed away. Now under the custody of his god-fearing Grandmother, Jasmine, Xavier's life would prove slightly different. For the first time in his life, he would see how a difference in money, albeit marginally better than his prior situation, provided comfortability. In addition, he noticed how easy it was to get away with general misconduct in school as he hid the feeling of guilt under the praise and consort of friends. Dismissing feelings of guilt under the face of praise  familiar way for Xavier to cope. Xavier, now aged fourteen, would have experienced his fair share of fistfights with fellow students and would often be seen smoking weed and drinking alcohol with his friends. His interests and associations with W/S Rollin 20's Neighborhood Bloods  would begin.
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